Larry Randolph - The Prophetic Family Tree

Larry Randolph teaches on the roots of the prophetic family tree to a group about to take it to the streets at an Xtreme Prophetic event. I love his humorous description of the different kinds of prophets and the relational dynamic between the prophet and apostle.


The Political Spirit

What forces of the enemy do we deal with in bringing God's true apostolic government to the earth?

One of them is the political spirit.

Faisal Malick has a riveting discussion with Patricia King about strategies to recognize and defeat this spirit.


Graham Cooke - False vs Poor Prophecy

We were greatly impacted by this discussion with Graham Cook on the nature of prophecy. He not only provides a framework for judging prophecy but describes prophecy that flows from the heart of the Father and reveals His work of redemption and reconciliation in the world.


Graham Cook; God's Perspective on Adversaries

It's seldom fun in the moment, but people who oppose us can benefit and enrich our lives if we have the right perspective. Here's Graham Cooke revealing through a throne-room experience his change of heart toward his adversaries.