Leaders Who Build Their Own Kingdoms - A More Effective Prayer Strategy

We've all met leaders who seem bent on drawing attention to themselves and building their own kingdoms. A typical response from the body of Christ to such leaders is to point out their errors and to accuse them of being prideful and self-seeking. Even though our accusations may be true, this kind of response will never help them. I don’t believe it is God’s strategy to have us engage in gossip and slander against people who could be helped by our prayers. In order for us to help these leaders, we must take a look at what is causing their problem.

Many of these leaders have suffered repeated rejection throughout their lives. The cause of their self-seeking behavior is that they have an unmet need for affirmation and approval.

Most people who draw attention to themselves suffer from feelings of inadequacy. They believe they are just not good enough. Although they point others to their many accomplishments to gain approval, their inner self-talk is full of negativity. The need they have to hear people say good things about them is an attempt to drown out the voices of criticism they hear internally. Drawing attention to themselves is the only way they know of to receive affirmation and validation. (Trust me on this one. I have plenty of personal experience to speak from.) What they really need is to receive affirmation and validation from Jesus himself.

Some people can read the Bible and accept the fact that Jesus approves of them and affirms them, but for many people, approval and affirmation must come from a personal experience they have with Jesus.

If we want to be effective in helping our leaders to be overcomers, we might pray for them to have personal encounters with Jesus where he validates and affirms them personally. Once they receive his stamp of approval, the unmet need they have for validation is removed and generally, they no longer need to be validated by others. The validation they receive from Jesus crushes the lie from the enemy that says they are not good enough. This usually ends their attempts to build their own kingdom.

So instead of speaking bad about leaders who build their own kingdoms out of a need for validation, we might consider praying for them to be touched and affirmed by Jesus in person.


The Intimate Kingdom

By Ron McGatlin

Although there are similarities in earthly kingdoms and the kingdom of God, there are also vast differences. Earthly kingdoms are usually ruled by the king’s decree of law and order with severe consequences for failure to keep the law.

There is very little access for the people to the king’s throne room, and that is only by special invitation from the king.

The king usually provides little incentive beyond punishment for keeping the law of his kingdom. Equally, he provides no inner strength or empowerment to his subjects to keep the law and live in the order of the land.

A natural worldly king may or may not show mercy upon subjects who break the law. However, He has no capacity to impart within his subjects the grace empowerment to live in the order of his kingdom.

The Love Kingdom
The kingdom of God / kingdom of heaven is indefinable in human understanding with human words. Multitudes of parables can be used to portray aspects of the kingdom. However, only by the Spirit of God may the realities of the kingdom be communicated or understood. Human beings do not have capacity to see or understand the kingdom of God with their natural minds (1 Cor 2:14).

The kingdom of God is a Spiritual kingdom that is far above all other kingdoms. Christ Jesus is the King through whom and for whom all things were created and in whom all things consist. All the fullness of God dwells in Him, and He is before all things (Col 1:15-19).

The natural realm was created and is sustained (continues to exist) by the realm of the Spirit. The realm of the Spirit is supreme and preeminent over the natural realm.

The predominant characteristic of the kingdom of God is the LOVE of God. The kingdom of God is ordered by God’s love. The reestablishment of the kingdom of God on Planet Earth is the work of Christ Jesus. The kingdom of God is established on earth by Christ Jesus flowing His resurrection life by His Spirit into and through the hearts and lives of redeemed mankind.

The kingdom of God is the only kingdom in which the King supplies the inner incentive of His love drawing us into His kingdom, and reflecting out through us to the world around us. His love and grace empowerment within us causes us to keep the law of God effortlessly. Our hearts are overcome with love for Him and the desire to please Him. His will and desire becomes our will and desire. We become one with Him in love. His grace empowerment flows through us, and all things are possible to Christ in us. As we continue to live by His Spirit and walk in His Spirit like branches attached to the Vine, we bear the fruit of the kingdom.

The Intimate Kingdom
The kingdom of God is the only kingdom in which the subjects or servants become sons of God and have full open access into the throne room of the King. Access is through intimate relationship with Christ Jesus. The kingdom of God flows from heaven into His people through the Spirit conduit of intimate relationship with God.

The pure and holy love relationship of a godly man and his godly bride in the created world is a parable or picture of the spiritual intimate love relationship to the KING. The pure holy passion a man has for his beautiful holy bride is a picture of the love of God for His Bride and Wife, collectively the New Jerusalem. The complete love, adoration, and awesome respect that a godly bride has for her husband is a picture of the passionate love, adoration, and worship we have for our Husband, Lord, and King: Christ Jesus.

The kingdom of God coming on earth is the product of intimately relating to God.

For many centuries we have traded the intimate relationship with God by the Holy Spirit for religious understandings, rituals, and practices. Because of His mercy and desire for a people (a true Bride and many sons), God has used the religious church systems as much as He could. Our loving powerful God, Who skips upon the hills like a gazelle or a young stag, will not break through or leap over the walls we created. He will not break in uninvited to take us by force.

He has waited outside, peering in through our fancy windows, longing for us and calling to us to come into intimate relationship with Him in the Spirit. As we open the door and enter into intimate oneness with Him, the kingdom of God is within us and flows out from us to love and change the world around us into His kingdom.

Song 2:8 -10: The voice of my beloved! Behold, he comes Leaping upon the mountains, skipping upon the hills. My beloved is like a gazelle or a young stag. Behold, he stands behind our wall; He is looking through the windows, Gazing through the lattice. My beloved spoke, and said to me: "Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.

Many sons of God were in the religious church systems asleep to the intimate Spirit-to-spirit relationship with God that leads to the reality of Kingdom of God life now. Yet, our hearts began to awaken within. We heard Him knocking at the door, and yet we found it did not fit in with our religious routine to arise and answer the call to come away with Him. As we hesitated we missed our visitation, and, when we went to open the door, He had left. Longing for more we left our walled houses to seek Him.

Song 5:2-6: I sleep, but my heart is awake. It is the voice of my beloved! He knocks, saying, "Open for me, my sister, my love, My dove, my perfect one; For my head is covered with dew, My locks with the drops of the night." --- I have taken off my robe. How can I put it on again? I have washed my feet. How can I defile them? My beloved put his hand by the latch of the door, And my heart yearned for him. I arose to open for my beloved. And my hands dripped with myrrh, my fingers with liquid myrrh, on the handles of the lock. I opened for my beloved. But my beloved had turned away and was gone. My heart leaped up when he spoke. I sought him, but I could not find him; I called him, but he gave me no answer.

I thank God to be a part of the forerunner generation receiving the uncovering of the depth of the reality of becoming one with Christ – the mystery of Christ in us, the hope of glory, that was first unveiled 2000 years ago. For two millennia, it has been buried under a world of religious false doctrines mixed with truth and sustained by traditions of men. The gospel of the kingdom – the good news that the kingdom of God is at hand - is again being preached on earth. A people in love with God are being formed to experience the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

" Hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” –

“Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” ~Jesus~

Keep on pursuing love. It never fails
and His kingdom never ends.

Ron McGatlin


Time to Grow Up

A wise man once said “faithful are the wounds of a friend.” I need to tell you something that may hurt a little, because I care about you as a friend.

I think it's wise to seek prayer from friends for our problems, whether they're health-related, relational or whether they fall into some other category. Prayer is a powerful thing. But there are problems that cannot be resolved by the prayers of our friends alone.

I have many friends who suffer from chronic aches, pains and illnesses and I have other friends whose relationships have been blown to pieces. When everything seems to be falling apart, there's a temptation to cry out to friends to pray for our problems to be fixed once and for all. Let me reiterate that I am not against prayer, because what I'm about to say next could be misinterpreted as that.

Many of us have not yet learned how to stand against the enemy in our battle against recurring sickness and most of us are responsible for our own recurring relationship problems. Let's take a look at sickness first.

The battle against recurring sickness is something like how we might deal with a criminal who repeatedly breaks into our home. Jesus used this illustration when teaching about how and why demons return to a person after being cast out of them in Luke chapter eleven.(See Luke 11:21-26)

When a burglar breaks into our home, we have a couple of ways in which we can respond. One option is to stand by helplessly and let them take our property and beat us senseless while waiting for the police to show up. An untrained and ill-equipped believer who relies on friends or the anointed "man of God" to pray for them is like a defenseless homeowner at the mercy of a burglar.

Evil spirits are opportunistic, just like burglars. They size up their potential victims and evaluate their defenses. A burglar looks for signs of vulnerability. They look for alarm systems, ease of access, unlocked doors and windows, the absence of a dog, and the likelihood that the homeowner will be armed. They look for homeowners that are the least likely to fight back. Demons do the same thing.

People who refuse to be trained in spiritual warfare or who never learned how to exercise their authority over the enemy are like homeowners who refuse to secure their homes or fight back against an intruder. They make themselves easy targets for evil spirits and once word gets out in the demonic community that they're an easy target - they can expect to be harassed by even more evil spirits. That's the message Jesus illustrated in His teaching in Luke chapter eleven.

When it comes to healing - many of us are content to let someone else deal with the bad guys. It's easier to find the anointed man of God to pray for us than it is to learn how to withstand the attacks of enemy ourselves. The problem is that Jesus gave every believer the power and authority they need to defeat the enemy, without going to someone else for help. Recurring problems with sickness and disease are the result of us refusing to take our responsibilities seriously.

You can plead with your friends to pray for your healing all you want - but if you never learn to exercise the authority God has given you over sickness, you're never going to remain healed. The spirits that bring  sickness will continue to assault you until you learn to take authority over them yourself.

I have a friend who once asked the Holy Spirit "How do you see cancer?"

The Holy Spirit replied, "I can't see cancer because it's under my feet. I want it to be under your feet."

The enemy is going to continue to beat us up until we learn to put him under our feet once and for all. I'm preaching to myself here as my wife and I don't always do this ourselves, but we're learning.

My wife was recently healed of back pain when she finally understood that the things she thought about herself , about her symptoms, and about God's desire to heal her were allowing the enemy to continue to attack her and keep her in pain.

The first problem was that she couldn't bring herself to believe she was healed as long as she still felt pain. This is a bit of a murky problem because sometimes people feel pain in response to a physical problem, while other times the sensation of pain is due only to the presence of a spirit.  To further complicate things - she had an MRI that showed two herniated discs. You might think that as long as she has herniated discs, she must resign herself to living with the pain. We know of people who have an MRIs showing herniated discs but they had no symptoms of the injury. She began to ask, "If some people have herniated discs and don't have pain, why can't I be one of them?"

She also wasn't completely sure at that point that God wanted to heal her. One day she decided to believe that God really did want to heal her and she entertained the idea that perhaps she was already healed. She accepted the fact that it was her beliefs and not God's reluctance to heal her that was the problem. So she chose to believe that she was healed. She also chose to see the pain she was experiencing as a lie from the enemy. Once she got her thinking straightened out, it removed the power the enemy had over her and the pain immediately left.

One of the major lessons we've learned is that the enemy only has the power over us that we allow him to have. Being healed and keeping the symptoms from returning is a battle. Most of the warfare is done on the six inch battlefield between our ears. Now let's take a look at problems with relationships.

Many of us cry out to our friends or to God to have our relationship problems fixed, rather than take an honest look at ourselves and admit that we're the ones responsible for our problems. God is not going to take away the consequences of our bad decisions. As we sow, we shall also reap. Many of us are reaping the consequences of manipulation, co-dependency, selfishness, immaturity and a failure to walk in our God-given identity.

Relationship problems are cyclical. The habits we've developed over our lifetime create the same dynamics (for good or bad) in all our relationships. When the same problems arise repeatedly, instead of  blaming others or crying out to God to fix the other person, we need to look at why we are bearing bad fruit. The fruit of our relationships is determined by the condition of our heart. It is only by changing the way in which we relate to others that the cycle of relationship problems will end. It's a sign of spiritual immaturity to blame others for our problems or to expect someone else to fix them. We must be the one who makes the change.

Most of us have a lot of growing up to do. It's time to take the training wheels off and learn how to live as mature children of God.



The Spirit of God showed me that a great travesty in the Body of Christ is that many of his children have given their fealty and allegiance to institutions that have themselves become enemies of other people and institutions. In so doing His children have made themselves enemies of people that God is not enemies with. 

Most confuse sentimentality and patriotism with godliness, but these in fact are an abomination to God when they cause Christ representatives on the earth to be at war with those God is not at war with.

Political parties and world governments are world systems that no believer has any business pledging fealty to or allegiance to if they truly want to preach the gospel of the kingdom. God does not condemn anyone who does so, He doesn't condemn anyone. But you limit yourself to the powerless Christianity that the western world now enjoys when you do so. This powerless way of life for most of the church has become the rule not the exception.

There is a great difference between loving loyalty to a people (men) and loyalty to an institution or system built by men. I will also add, another great travesty is when God's children make these institutions their enemy; they are God's enemies or His children's enemies, even if they choose to make God's children their enemies.

Man's government is given authority by God as a mandate from God to restrain evil by punishing wrongdoing. This is not the body of Christ's mandate nor is not compatible with the Mandate the children of God have been given.  

God gives us the Men's government and leaders for another purpose as well, That as his children we might turn our hearts from hope and trust in the rule of law and( in the case of the USA) the written constitution to Him. The rule of law and written laws and rights are not the path of righteousness. They are boundaries for fallen men to protect them from fallen men. But you are of a holy and unfallen, and unshakable kingdom.

We are told to honor and not speak evil of our leaders. The leaders we have are showing forth by bringing to logical conclusion what government of men is and has the potential to be. These nations are not the kingdom, which is a state of being within the heart consisting of righteousness, Joy and peace in the Holy Spirit. 

Righteous behavior is based upon the Spirit's power and not upon obeying laws. We have made a nation in the USA where the logical conclusion of rule of law of representative government is that people if they so choose have a right to evil. The rule of law is that the majority makes the rules and the whole is affected. As a Christian, your hope is not in a constitution or rule of Law, but in Christ, who makes you holy by his power. This is a battle you will not win because you were never called to fight a battle to establish the rule of law, but to build Christ within people. That is why you have leaders appointed by God to show you that the rule of nations and fighting and frothing over them is a fruitless endeavor.

The culture of heaven is a culture of changed hearts, not changed temporal government. Changed hearts will change the way they govern. You want to change the culture you preach Jesus Christ, the only change that lasts. 

Many are missing their full inheritance not because God is taking it from them, but because they choose a portion that is less then God's best. God honors His image in you enough to let you have what you want.

In His Love
Kriston Couchey


I have become convinced that even though angelic and spiritual beings stand in the presence of God continually there are aspects of who He is that are only being revealed through Christ upon the earth, and in particular His sons who have become one with the very presence and essence of Christ; manifesting the manifold wisdom and character of God to the universe.

I know from experience that being in His presence and experiencing and moving in His power does not mean that I understand or comprehend the heart of God in the midst of it. Men and women can move in great power and miracles and still have a wrong perception and portray inaccurately the nature and heart of God. We along with all of creation both animal and heavenly beings are in for a display of who God is as He is revealing the nature and character of Father Himself in Christ Jesus through you and I His sons.

My experience with angelic beings is mostly receiving rebuke and correction. One spoke to me in the night with a message from Father saying "stand with and before Me with confidence", while i understood the message was to have me put aside the feeling of guilt and shame, It took me years to understand the heart of God and WHY He said it to me.

It took me time to understand that God was not demanding of me to get rid of my baggage to stand in His presence, He was inviting me to become one with His so that He could remove my baggage. I am convinced there are saints and angels in heaven that are coming to the same understanding of God's tremendous grace as we have revealed to us the true nature of God and come to more fully comprehend things as He does.

I don't believe the angel delivering the message to me fully understood WHY Father wanted me in all of my guilt shame to stand before Him confidently. But i think he does now, because i have had revealed to me the grace of God that is not holding sin against me, nor has He ever. It takes the people of God having the revealing the Love God has in Christ toward us in all of it's height, breath, and depth in order that all of creation in both heaven and earth may comprehend it fully as well.

Not only now has He given me the WHY behind this correction, But He has taken away ALL fear and doubt to stand before him and IN him and Him IN Me. The true revelation is the perfect Love God has for all creation. THAT is what He is revealing to us and through us to the universe and all of it's inhabitants. It is Perfect Love that has cast out all fear to proclaim that I am one Spirit with God, joined to Him, not by my choice, but by His choice. We are called to live fearless and free at ONE with Him; in confidence.

Kriston Couchey



Kriston Couchey
Jesus was the ultimate identity manager. He was a Jewish male, but identified himself in various ways and didn't disagree with others who also identified Him as being a Rabbi, Prophet, Son of David, Messiah, and Son of God. But, for much of his earthly ministry Jesus identified Himself simply as the "son of man."

The scholar Reza Aslan makes observations about Jesus' claims of his identity that I have encapsulated in the following paragraph that resonate with me.  The term "son of man" had never been used by anyone in recorded history as a title of identity until Jesus did so.  The term "son of God" or "son of the gods" was a term commonly used to refer to the kings of nations in Jesus's day. Even the Jews used the term "Son of God" to refer to David and the kings that followed him, not as an equation to deity, but to establish the king's inherited right to rule the nation. Jesus was recognized by some as being the Son of God, but He told them to keep it quiet. It was not until his last journey to Jerusalem that Jesus publicly accepted the title "Son of God". For to do so was to claim the right of ruler-ship and commit the crime of sedition against Rome which was punishable by crucifixion.

The Jews said to Pilate: "He made Himself out to be the Son of God."  But, when Pilate tried to release Jesus They said: “If you release this Man, you are no friend of Caesar; everyone who makes himself out to be a king opposes Caesar.”  Jesus carefully managed his identity for the sake of fulfilling redemption's plan; Jesus used the term " son of man" for a couple of reasons: 

#1 He was identifying himself with men to reach them with God's Love.
#2 His time had not yet come to be crucified. 

The apostle Paul wrote of identity in Christ:"There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus." 

He also went on to say:"To the Jews I became like a Jew, to win the Jews. To those under the law I became like one under the law (though I myself am not under the law)... ...I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some. I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings."Paul even used his identity as a Roman citizen at one point to get out of a sticky situation. While Paul identifies himself with different groups to further the gospel, unwisely using or embracing identities can also hinder the gospel as much as it can advance it.

The only identity that mattered about Jesus was that He was the son of God, the Christ, and the king of God's kingdom. Paul's only identity that mattered was that He was a son of God, in Christ, and a citizen of the kingdom. Your only identity that matters is being a son of God, in Christ, and a citizen of the kingdom.

No other identities according to Paul exist in Christ. The is NO Jew, Greek, American, Russian, Israeli, Democrat, republican, conservative, liberal, or any other designation that matters in Christ. This calls for wisdom on the part of everyone who has been joined to the Lord in how they manage their identities.

I have been identified with many Christian "identifying" and "defining" movements from the past; apostolic, prophetic, charismatic, evangelical, organic, institutional, home-church, grace preaching, etc.  The term Christianity is also an identifier that is involved in dividing or unifying people. I could probably put together a good sermon from what I have learned from each of these, yet my main identity is not these. I will use these past identities to preach about our son-ship, unity in Christ , and our citizenship in the kingdom to reach these various groups, but I will never use these as a means of division. 

I am a United States Citizen by birth. This identity automatically sets me at odds with people whose own identities are at odds with the United States. The best path to breaking down that barrier is to embrace an identity as a Kingdom citizen that is not perceived to be an enemy of those whose identities set them at odds with the United States government and its people.  I am very careful to not emphasis this identity in situations where it will hinder the gospel and it propagation.

In the same way as a national identity can hinder the gospel, there are voluntary identities I can NEVER take on in Christ because they immediately disqualify me from ministering Christ to those opposed to them. The Spirit has spoken to my heart clearly that is it pertains to parties such as conservative or liberal, or nationalist movements that demonize or attack others. If we are persecuted for political persuasion it is no glory to God. If my being a conservative keeps a liberal from listening to the gospel I share I will not be one, and vice versa. That is why I take care to not get involved in fruitless political wrangling.

In the end, Christ is our identity and His kingdom and advancement of it is the measure of whether and how an identity should be used to advantage his kingdom. If taking one on causes offense that would keep one from embracing life in Christ it is nothing and needs to be kept in its proper place.     

In Him and his Love
Kriston Couchey





Kriston Couchey

Before the founding of creation the Ever Living One had the full knowledge of the fall of man and the depths of bondage and depravity to which he would sink. Yet, this was not an obstacle to Him. At no time had He rejected or turned away from mankind. It was not God that hid from Adam in the Garden, it was Adam who hid from the light of God’s presence. Scripture declares it was we who were “formerly alienated and hostile in mind, engaged in evil deeds…”

It is we who became enemies in our minds toward Him as we became bound by sin and the carnal nature. We alienated ourselves from his boundless love and light as man turned to darkness to hide. The shadows of sin, sickness and death were cast upon creation as mankind opened the door for spirits of wickedness to reign over the creation that God created for His pleasure. Yet God never turned away from or rejected mankind. Before the foundation of the world He made provision through the slain lamb for man’s redemption from sin and reconciliation to Himself.

Because of man’s sin, the boundless Love and Light of God had become a source of fear to men rather than a refuge. Like the Israelites at the fiery mountain where God descended to meet with them, mankind ran in fear because their hearts and minds were darkened. Men no longer understood and perceived the true heart of God toward them. Man began to create gods from his own imagination in his own image. These gods demanded blood to appease offense and required offerings to accept and bless men. Religion had begun. Yet God never had ANY desire for sacrifice or offerings from men to appease for wrongdoing or to gain acceptance.

King David writes in Psalm 40 5-6 You had no desire for offerings of beasts or fruits of the earth; ears you made for me: for burned offerings and sin offerings you made no request.

Sacrifices and offerings God never needed or wanted, nor does He require them. David saw past the ritual and regulation that could never substitute for a heart of humility before God.

He writes in Psalm 51: 16-17  You do not delight in sacrifice, or I would bring it; you do not take pleasure in burnt offerings. My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise.

If God did not want or need sacrifice to forgive sin or accept men, then what was the purpose of the cross?

And although you were formerly alienated and hostile in mind, engaged in evil deeds, yet He has now reconciled you in His fleshly body through death, in order to present you before Him holy and blameless and beyond reproach-

The purpose of God in sending Christ to the cross was not to change His heart toward men from one of unforgiveness and offense to acceptance though blood sacrifice. God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not counting or holding our sins against us.

The cross was for the sake of revealing the heart of love God always had toward us. His body was broken for YOU to bring you healing and deliverance from death. His blood was shed for YOU to cleanse and set you apart for Him. The cross was the place where God in Christ defeated and overcame sin, sickness, death, the devil, and all his works. He redeemed us with the precious blood of Jesus from the empty way of life we once lived.

For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your ancestors, but with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect.

Through the cross we have died with Him, and by His resurrection life we now we are alive in Him by His Spirit. The old has passed and the new has come. You no longer live, but Christ now lives in you. The death of Christ was not a demand for blood that God had to appease Himself, it was the demonstration of His Love, Mercy, and Goodness that men may be released from the power of darkness into His Glorious light.

In Him
Kriston Couchey



Kriston Couchey

How can mere words describe the glory and transcendence of the Ever Living One? He has no boundaries and there is nothing and no one else that exists apart from Him. He is I AM. There is no space outside of Him, no universe that contains Him. We who are limited by time and space have no words to adequately express the nature and substance of the One that founded creation with its boundaries of time and space within the depths of His own being. For time and space and all that exists are the garden of delights He has made within Himself that He may taste the fruit of communion with the living multitudes that eternally emanate from the birthing chamber of His heart. He is Pure boundless Love, Pure boundless Light.     

To use terms that describe the Ever Living One as being  “Him” and as having a “heart” fall short of the truth; as if one with closed eyes senses that night has turned to day because absolute darkness has been replaced with a dark red glow seen upon the inside of shut eye lids.  So it is with our perceptions of this Ever Living One.

The Ever Living One sees the confines of time and space from beginning to end as if one would gaze upon a painting; viewing one edge of the canvas to the other simultaneously. We could use the term “before creation” to describe His precreation existence, but to speak of “before creation” and even use the term “precreation” implies His existence and activities are subject to creation’s time and space limitations; when in reality He is the creator and master of time and space.  I will use the term “outside of time” as is necessary when referring to the eternal activities of The Ever Living One; and yet this term will also fall short as creation is  “contained ” within the One whose activities appear to take place “outside” of it.

Creation was fully known in the thoughts of the Ever Living One apart from its formation. The equations of His creative thoughts were motivated by the passion of His heart to commune with those of like nature and substance. It was the creative power of His voice that caused the frequencies of matter to be formed in the womb of His eternal existence. The four pillars of creation within His being originate from the passion of His heart, the thoughts of His mind, the resonant power of His voice and the fertile ground of His womb where creation is formed within Him.

As His thoughts surveyed creation He knew that deception would darken His creation and those formed in His image would hide in the shadow of deception that would inhabit time and space. Knowing full well that what was formed of Him in His image could not be unmade, He made provision before or “outside” of the foundation of creation. He would bring light to all the places of darkness shadowing creation; especially the shadow of death.

And so He spoke the first word of creation. And the word proceeded forth from Him and became flesh. And the Word He spoke contained and was the fullness of the Ever Living One with boundless Love and Light. That Love and Light appeared at the junction of two ages in a shadowed world of His creation.  That Word was the Son and the sum of the Ever Living One; and the Son expressed that first word suspended upon a tree between two thieves. As He spoke that word all of creation quaked as the frequencies of the eternal voice declared “IT IS FINISHED!” And so that first word declared to creation that the removal of darkness was complete, accomplished, fulfilled; as the lamb was slain before the foundation of creation.

The light had come into the middle of created time and space and had planted a seed that would grow to envelope all of creation in the fullness of time; yet outside creation all was complete, accomplished, fulfilled, and finished. All was complete “before” creation had even begun.  

Outside of creation darkness was once for all defeated, yet all creation groaned to see the completion of that which was already finished outside of creation. The First Word became the seed whose origin was from outside of creation, in this seed the fullness of the Love and Light of the Ever Living One was complete, accomplished, finished.

Before and outside of creation the thoughts of the Ever Living One turned to another junction of ages. The completion finished from outside creation was now revealed in time and space as many sons containing the boundless Love and Light of the Ever Living One shone Love and Light into the darkness and the shadows of deception. Love and Light completely filled creation and there was nowhere for darkness and shadow to hide. The sons of the Ever Living One brought completion upon the earth as it existed outside of creation. 

And outside of creation the first Word spoke “Let there Be…” And creation began…

In Him

Kriston Couchey