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Manifesting The Kingdom

by Kriston Couchey

Peter's Job Description

"I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind (declare to be improper and unlawful) on earth must be what is already bound in heaven; and whatever you loose (declare lawful) on earth must be what is already loosed in heaven." (AMP) ~Jesus~ 

In the first recorded instance of Jesus giving Peter's his job description He is not talking to Peter about feeding sheep. Jesus makes clear to Peter the place of authority He was receiving. It was clear that Peter was given more then just the authority to be a leader of the church on earth; his authority was founded in the divine realm of heaven. As a doorkeeper in the kingdom of heaven; to everyone he was sent to he was charged with opening the door of the kingdom to those who were ready, and shutting it to those who were defiled and unrepentant. Peter exemplified this authority by telling a man trying to buy the gift of the Holy Spirit, "You have neither part nor lot in this matter: for your heart is not right in the sight of God." This authority to bind and loose, open and shut is an authority given to all of the church. It is the job of apostles to disciple or equip all of the body to function as doorkeepers in their own spheres or places of authority, be it a location, ministry, or gift.

Apostolic Shifting -Vision To Manifestation 
We are beginning a shift in the way in which the apostolic gift functions. True apostles are receiving a fresh understanding of the keys of authority they are given for this hour, and the PURPOSE for this kingdom authority. The Apostolic gift is at the forefront of what God is doing. The keys given in this hour to apostles can affect MANY people both for evil and for good; depending upon what is allowed (loosed/opened) or disallowed (bound/shut) in their spheres of authority.

Many apostles and prophets have been receiving revelation of the kingdom of God, and have been faithful to impart revelation as to the days we are entering. In general, the apostolic function has been mainly planting seeds by imparting vision and understanding concerning the kingdom of God. The new shift in apostolic function that is upon us coincides with the WAVE of glory coming to the church. What has once been mostly impartation of "vision", is giving way to activation of the body to "WALK OUT the vision". In other words, true Apostles will be using their keys of authority to open the door of Kingdom MANIFESTATION for those who have received the seed (vision) of the kingdom and have kept it to the bearing of fruit.

Testimony of Kingdom Manifestation 
Father has been faithful to teach me in real life lessons what He has given me to share with the body. A little while back we invited our Christian friends from around the region to come to our house for a backyard barbecue. We ended up around a campfire and the Spirit of the Lord prompted me to speak about how ALL believers should be walking in divine authority and power; receiving and ministering the gifts and graces of God to each other. This is the reality of the kingdom as opposed to only one or a few leaders or pastors ministering gifts and grace to a congregation.

A bit later, a woman asked for prayer whose ex-husband had left her for another women. She was in pastoral ministry with him for years, and was devastated spiritually and emotionally. We had been ministering to her at our home meetings and I had prayed for her before, but there was still a great fear that paralyzed her. When she asked for prayer for the fear, a man began to share how God delivered him from fear. He shared how in a special meeting in a large auditorium the Lord told him to give a testimony. He was afraid. He said, "Lord, I don't have a testimony, but I will do it anyway." With great fear he got in line with the others giving their testimonies. When it was his turn He still had nothing, but He said to the people, "Today God...delivered me from the fear of man!"

I realized he was to pray for the woman. He had attained a place of authority over fear to pray for her. This man still struggled with chemical abuse issues and other great hindrances. But, in obedience I asked him to pray for her. I stood behind her and put my hands on her shoulders while he held her hands and prayed. Suddenly he screamed out and almost fell to the ground. The woman exclaimed that the peace of God had come to her and touched her, the fear was gone. The people stood up and began praising God! Later my friend sitting behind the man told of how a wind had blown past him and had struck the man in the back the same time he screamed and she was delivered. She was a different women after that.

The Lesson
In this experience I imparted the vision (planted the seed) of the kingdom; speaking forth Father's desire for ALL of the body to walk in kingdom authority, not just leaders. Then God demonstrated it as I obediently "opened the door" to the MANIFESTATION (harvest) of the very vision (seed) I had imparted. Imparting the vision of the kingdom is only a beginning which must eventually end in manifestation. True apostles will open the door with their "keys" for others to walk in their OWN places of authority. This is the fullness of apostolic ministry that is coming to the church. It is the breaking forth of the seed from the ground that was planted through impartation. Miracles in apostolic work will not just be a random happening, but will result from apostles exercising their "keys" of authority for others who are in the place of readiness to enter in and MANIFEST THE KINGDOM and walk in kingdom realities.

What did Paul mean when he said that the kingdom is not in words but in POWER? The kingdom comes in manifestation of power and not just the words giving vision and impartation. What you harvest indicates what seed was planted; be it kingdom or religion. God is sending his apostles with signs and wonders following. Following what? Following the revelation and vision imparted that is of the kingdom. In this hour Apostles will impart vision and the manifestation will coming swiftly as they open the door of the kingdom to those that are ripe and matured for harvest. The harvester will overtake the planter. The plant grown from the seed will now begin to bear fruit and manifest the kingdom. Those who labor in the field of harvest will rejoice.

In His Love

Kriston Couchey


I'm More Than an Apostle

I’m more than an apostle, and if there’s any doubt,
Let me tell the story how this mystery came about,

The men they called apostles, were always at the top,
They preached and prayed for hours, pushing people till they dropped.

I naturally decided, this life it was for me,
My future was the brightest, fame and popularity

Apostles got the most respect, a following of men,
No matter what their needs might be, a servant would attend,

A woman in a wedding gown kept swooning at their side,
They indulged in making love to her and didn’t try to hide,

No one seemed to notice, so I thought I’d get some too,
But while I was in passion with the bride, in walked the groom,

We covered up our nakedness; tears were on His face,
But every word He spoke to her was full of love and grace,

He said “My dear you’re lovely”, placed his hands upon her hips,
He wiped a shameful tear away and kissed her on the lips.

And slowly now he turned to me and looked me in the eye,
I realized that this might be the day I finally die,

He said, “Attend us servant, and wash my ladies feet,
Then wash her dress and mend it, and bring us food to eat,”

“But before you start your service, a eunuch you must be,
The cutting will be painful, but this bride belongs to me.”

My urge to be apostle, was finally in doubt,
No one ever told me what their work was all about.

He said “There is an option; the choice is up to you.”
And then he broke into a smile, that made me smile too,

I’m more than an apostle, and if you think I’ve lied,
I’m more than an apostle, for He chose me for His bride

by Kriston Couchey


The Key of David

"The term "The Key of David" is a phrase that is recently surfacing in many places. Like the phrase "The Tabernacle of David" it is a term that rarely comes up in Christian writing before this present generation, and, I believe the Holy Spirit has highlighted these terms from the Scriptures in recent times and intentionally has brought them to our communal attention.

Recently I have been granted a measure of understanding of the significance of this "Key of David." Although we may have the key within our grasp and even begin to learn to use it, it is nevertheless very helpful to understand what this "Key" is and how it may be used.

The scriptures give two direct reference to this Key: in Revelation 3:7-8, Jesus addresses the Church in Philadelphia with these words:
"These are the words of him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David. What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open. I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut."

The Church to whom this is addressed would immediately recognize the words of Isaiah the prophet from the Hebrew scriptures, in a word directed to Shebna, one who had assumed unlawful authority in the King’s palace (Is 22:20-22):
"In that day I will summon my servant, Eliakim son of Hilkiah. I will clothe him with your robe and fasten your sash around him and hand your authority over to him. He will be a father to those who live in Jerusalem and to the house of Judah. I will place on his shoulder the key to the house of David; what he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open."

In both cases, with the Church in Philadelphia where certain Jews had unlawfully assumed authority (Rev. 3:9), and in Jerusalem where Shebna had usurped authority in the palace (Is. 22:15-19), the Key of David was given to establish God-ordained authority in those places. In the culture of the time a Key was an emblem of the authority of Government; and in the East to this day, in transferring the authority and Government of a city, a large Key is laid upon a person.

But why is it called the Key "of David?" Why is David’s name associated with this Key of Governmental Authority, the key that has the power to open what no one can shut and shut what no one can open?

I believe that answer is found in what the Lord himself says concerning David (Acts 13:22):

"I have found David son of Jesse a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do."
I believe the Key of David is essentially the Heart of David. God calls him "a man after my own heart."
The heart of David is most eloquently captured in the words of Psalm 132, where it says of David,
He swore an oath to the Lord
and made a vow to the Mighty One of Jacob:

"I will not enter my house
or go to my bed-
I will allow no sleep to my eyes,
no slumber to my eyelids,
till I find a place for the Lord,
a dwelling for the Mighty One of Jacob."

The heart of David, above all, was to find a resting place for the presence of the Lord among his people, a "Dwelling for the Mighty One of Jacob." After David captured Jerusalem from the Jebusites, one of his first acts recorded in the Scriptures (II Sam. 6, I Chron. 13-15), before conquering other cities or lands, was to bring the Ark of the Covenant, the Ark representing the Presence of God into Jerusalem, and establish worshippers continually ministering to the Lord day and night. David was known as a Shepherd, a Fugitive, a Warrior, and a King; but most of all, and above all, as a Worshipper.

David was a man after God’s own heart. You see, God’s heart, above all, is to be in the midst of his people. This is the dominant theme of Scriptures, from Genesis where God walked with mankind in the cool of the Garden, to Revelation where we hear a "loud voice from the throne" saying "NOW (finally ... again!) the dwelling of God is with men, and he will live with them." This is the purpose and heart of God; that is where history is heading and our ultimate destiny; that is why Jesus came as Immanuel, God with us, to reconcile all things to the Father.

It is to those whose hearts line up with God’s heart that God is prepared to entrust the Key of David. These are the ones to whom he wishes to impart the same authority that David walked in, to open doors that no one can shut, and shut doors that no one can open. As we become people "after God's own heart," the doors we seek to open will always start with the door to his presence, a door that we open through day and night worship, as we learn from the example of David.

We may have "little strength" (Rev. 3:8), and appear of little significance from the world’s perspective, but it is to those "who keep his word and not deny his name" that he will entrust his authority. As David was the least of his family and clan, a shepherd boy, yet called to a position of great authority in the Kingdom, God says of him "he will do everything I want him to do." That must be, above all, our hearts’ desires, to have no purpose, no agenda, no ambition, but only to do his bidding.

We see how David was able to use the authority the Lord vested in him by conquering cities and nations for the Kingdom. He was able to use this "Key" to possess one city after another for the Kingdom. In fact in I Chronicles 18 and in II Sam.8 the Holy Spirit gives us, in these scriptures, a summary of David’s conquests. In these 17 or 18 verses there is one phrase repeated four times: "The Lord gave David victory wherever he went."

In the previous chapters (I Chron. 17 & II Sam.7), Nathan, having observed how the Lord was with David, says "Whatever you have in mind, go ahead and do it, for the Lord is with you." The Key of David in operation: "what he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open."

But note the chapters that immediately precede these illustrations of the power of using the Key of David. What happened prior to this? In I Chron 16, and in II Sam. 6 we are told how David brought the Ark of the Covenant into the city, and established worshippers to minister to God’s presence day and night. He put "first things first." Central to all David did was the presence of God. He never lost the heart of worship ... "that I may dwell in the House of Lord, in the presence of the Almighty One of Jacob, ... to behold the beauty of Lord and to seek his face all the days of my life."

I believe that we too, can ask for and receive the Key of David. But we must do so with a heart of humility and total obedience, as the least of the clans, and doing only what he wants us to do. We must also align our hearts with God’s purposes and desires. What is that desire above all? Reconciliation to his people and the renewal of all things, so that we can walk in communion with him and abide in his love. That is the message and that is the primary purpose of the use of the Key of David. It is a Key that Gatekeepers will be able to use to open Gates for righteousness, truth and justice, and close Gates to abuse, inequity, deception, and unrighteousness in every sphere where he places us.

He is calling for Gatekeepers with the Key of David to be positioned in the foundations of the city. God is looking for those who can be entrusted with the Key of David with Governmental Authority to open doors for Kingdom transformation. As we seek first his Kingdom and his righteousness, as we put "first things first" and establish a Dwelling Place for the Mighty One of Jacob by ministering to his presence through day and night worship, he will entrust us more and more with the Key of David, with authority to open doors that no one can shut, and shut doors that no one can open.

This Key is always first and foremost to open doors to his Presence, ministering to his Presence through day and night worship; and then, as David did, we must use this same Key to conquer kingdoms, until the kingdoms of this world become the Kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ. Jesus said, "I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven."

He is looking for those on whose shoulders he can place the Key of David, those who will unlock places for his transforming Presence. He is looking for those who can be trusted with this responsibility, those with the heart of David, a heart of worship, humility and obedience – a person after God’s own heart. For such the Father seeks...

Are you that one?" 

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