Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm More Than an Apostle

I’m more than an apostle, and if there’s any doubt,
Let me tell the story how this mystery came about,

The men they called apostles, were always at the top,
They preached and prayed for hours, pushing people till they dropped.

I naturally decided, this life it was for me,
My future was the brightest, fame and popularity

Apostles got the most respect, a following of men,
No matter what their needs might be, a servant would attend,

A woman in a wedding gown kept swooning at their side,
They indulged in making love to her and didn’t try to hide,

No one seemed to notice, so I thought I’d get some too,
But while I was in passion with the bride, in walked the groom,

We covered up our nakedness; tears were on His face,
But every word He spoke to her was full of love and grace,

He said “My dear you’re lovely”, placed his hands upon her hips,
He wiped a shameful tear away and kissed her on the lips.

And slowly now he turned to me and looked me in the eye,
I realized that this might be the day I finally die,

He said, “Attend us servant, and wash my ladies feet,
Then wash her dress and mend it, and bring us food to eat,”

“But before you start your service, a eunuch you must be,
The cutting will be painful, but this bride belongs to me.”

My urge to be apostle, was finally in doubt,
No one ever told me what their work was all about.

He said “There is an option; the choice is up to you.”
And then he broke into a smile, that made me smile too,

I’m more than an apostle, and if you think I’ve lied,
I’m more than an apostle, for He chose me for His bride

by Kriston Couchey