Thursday, December 9, 2010



There is official authority that honors and relates to others based upon title and position; and there is true kingdom authority that is by nature divine and works by love. Titles do not equate to divine authority. Not everyone bearing a title carries divine authority. There are people who ARE what their title implies and bear the divine authority of that title. There are men and women with a title that are called to what their title implies, but have become a shell of what they were meant to be, and their divine authority has crumbled to near powerlessness. Divine authority is about function and not dependent upon a title.

The prophet Samuel was one who carried divine authority that truly functioned and fulfilled the purpose for which this authority was given. Scripture says "And Samuel grew, and the LORD was with him and did not let any of his words fall to the ground." This verse precedes the verse in I Samuel that says "And all Israel from Dan even to Beersheba knew that Samuel was established to be a prophet of the LORD." He did not become a prophet because men titled him or gave him a place of honor. He became a prophet by God's calling and his speaking God's words in obedience. Men honored him with a title because he ALREADY functioned with the divine authority of a prophet.

Holy Spirit also set apart Paul and Barnabas for the work he had for them. He commissioned them as apostles, men did not commission them. Men cannot commission men, they can recognize God's commissioning and lay hands on in agreement with His commissioning. Men cannot give or take away divine authority, only God can do so. Jesus alone gave the ascension gifts of apostle, prophet, pastor-teacher, evangelist. He alone assigns elders in His body as well. The apostles appointed elders ONLY after prayer and fasting. It was NOT the apostles choice as to who to appoint to eldership. It was Holy Spirit's choice of who to appoint to eldership with the recognition of the apostle.

Much that has passed for ordination in the religious mindset church has simply been men's works of the flesh. Religious organizations with hierarchical leadership structures may label or title men with many different titles. A church organization giving someone a title and paying them wages to fulfill a role does not necessarily give their title validity in the kingdom. ONLY the Lord's designation of authority matters. Men "recognize" divine authority placed on others; even as the people recognized the establishment of Samuel as a prophet. It is not wrong to honor another with a title when they TRULY walk in the divine authority that fulfills that role. It can at times be helpful to use a title to recognize the function one has in the body in order to receive from that function. But, A title is not necessary to function in any measure of divine authority a person may have.

Divine authority is most easily recognized and expressed in love relationships. Eli recognized Samuel's authority as a prophet first because He had an intimate relationship with him. Scripture says, "Then Eli called Samuel, and said, Samuel, my son. And he answered, Here am I. And he said, What is the thing that the LORD has said to you?" Eli called Samuel "My son" and in that relationship was able to receive the Word of the Lord through Samuel that prophesied the demise of Eli's own lineage.

Authority in the kingdom flows freely upon love relationships and not simply because of a titled position. A man may call himself an apostle, but if he is unable to relate to people in a manner of loving trust and mutual giving and receiving relationship, he diminishes His own divine authority to serve people. Those with true divine authority do not need to relate to others based upon their calling. True divine authority flows more perfectly in eye to eye love relationships. This relationship is the sure catalyst for spiritual impartation and equipping. In love there is grace to impart powerfully, not just imparting of an anointing, but imparting real life that comes from love. Authority expressed without love is a clanging cymbal.

I was once led to fast and pray for deliverance from demonic oppression for an individual. After fasting and prayer, I ministered to this person and prayed for them. Nothing happened. It was then I simply put my arms around the person and loved them. I sensed the Spirit's prompting to once more pray and in that display of love the demonic oppression lifted and that person was set free. I experienced firsthand the principle of the kingdom in which divine authority works more perfectly by divine love.


Where the love of God has waned, titles become predominant, where the love of God flows titles are not predominant and men recognize and receive more easily TRUE divine authority. There are those who use position and title as a means of personal gain rather then serving others. In the religious organizational structures that exist, positions and titles have drawn those seeking titles out of inner need for recognition or significance. The Ekklesia is transitioning into something different then the system that exists now. Many things are changing DRASTICALLY; this manner of titling and recognizing true divine authority is one of them.

When the Body of Christ relates to one another based upon love and not position, we can truly see and receive the divine authority of another. It is not wrong to recognize divine authority with a title. But, title is insignificant if true divine authority is not present. The measure of our divine authority in whatever function we are given by Father is according to the measure of the cross we allow to work in us and put to death our own ways. In all of this, we need discernment, and to walk hearing and obeying the Spirit of God. We must receive the divine authority that rests upon others. When we receive His divine authority upon the lives of others, we truly receive Him.

In His Love
Kriston Couchey