The Tow Truck

I've had a busy month or two. Seems like I never have time to just sit and think anymore. On Christmas day my car broke down. I spent some time waiting on a tow truck. Two days later I was taking a patient home from a stay in the hospital. When we arrived, we learned that we were at the wrong address; about 15 miles from the right location. Leaving the driveway, our ambulance blew a radiator hose.

We notified dispatch and waited for a tow truck. As my partner talked with the patient in back (I was driving) I couldn't help but see some irony in this story.

Our patient could have been Bob Jones' twin brother. Even had the twangy southern accent. I began to think about ol' Bob as I waited on the tow truck.

Here's how it played out:

A couple of years ago I heard Don Potter describe the phone call he received from Bob.

Bob: "Don, I had a dream about seven white horses riding to Nashville. You understand?"

Don: "Ummm...sure."

Don didn't immediately understand, but shortly afterward he moved to Nashville and hooked up with Wynonna Judd. The rest is music city history. After hearing a few more stories about Bob having dreams from God then calling people up to give them direction from the dreams, I had a conversation with God about that kind of ministry. I told Him I thought it was pretty cool. He said, "Bob is like my state trooper. One of my people gets lost on the way. I give Bob a dream. Bob calls them up and lets them know their next move.

I told Him I'd like to have that kind of ministry one day. He said He could make it happen. Actually what he said was something like: "Don't ever be jealous of the ministry of anyone. I have a ministry picked out that's perfect for you. It will fit your personality and talents perfectly. You'll love the things I'm going to do with you."

A few months ago I received a dream that revealed a problem one of my peers is going through. I knew what God wanted me to do. Send a message telling him about the dream and encourage him with the knowledge that God has it on His radar. I sent him an e-mail. Even though we aren't good friends, he received it with gratitude.

A week later I received another dream similar to the first one, for a different person. But this dream presented a problem. I was on somewhat good terms with the first man. But the second man is somewhat hostile toward me. We both have growing healing ministries, but we have some deep theological differences. I didn't think he'd receive a word from me based on this dream. So I sat on it for several months. Sitting in my broken down ambulance pondering the ministry of Bob Jones, I realized I was being disobedient. God gave me a dream revealing his mercy toward someone going through a difficult time.

I wrote an e-mail with the details of the dream and sent to him, with some apprehension. A few minutes later I read his grateful reply. He verified the accuracy of the situation and asked me to pray for him.

I remember the advice my pastor gave the first time I delivered a word in front of a congregation: "You're a messenger. You deliver the mail. Give the message then sit down. Don't explain it and don't worry about how it's received. All you do is deliver the mail."

It was good advice. But sometimes were more like tow trucks.

Everyone gets stuck in the mud once in a while. When a brother or sister is stuck, God sends one of us in our tow truck to pull them out. We need to respond in a timely manner. The operation of the kingdom depends on each of us doing our part. The quicker we obey, the sooner we all arrive at our destination.