Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Sword that Divides

Kriston Couchey


A friend of mine invited me to go to a men's camping retreat where we would spend the weekend fasting, praying, and repenting. When we arrived I was impressed by the level of maturity and fervency for the Lord. The leader of these men had a vision that was national in scope. I could see that with the men he had with him He could very well start a movement that could sweep the nation. I also discerned the heart idols of works of the flesh, and nationalistic pride that kept them from discerning between the kingdom of God and the soulish works of men. These Idols held by the leader tainted his God given vision, and affected all of the men he was leading. I had seen this idolatry in the hearts of many Americans and it did not surprise me.

When the leader said to split up into pairs he quickly pointed to me and said "I want to go with you." I shared a couple things the Lord had been saying to me about Abraham laying down Isaac (our destiny, purpose, and vision) in faith that God could raise up Isaac as He desires. He then announced that I was to be the speaker at the main gathering the next day. I did not maneuver this, God set me up again. After the usual nighttime demonic attack when about to face a stronghold, the next day I prayed about what to share and to my dislike the Spirit of the Lord told me to confront the idolatry. I did NOT want to do this, I did not come to confront this thing and knew from experience it would not be a joyous event.

At the meeting, I shared about sacrificing Isaac and laying down our God given vision in order to receive an even larger purified vision from God. I shared kingdom truth; confronting the specific idolatry birthed in the souls of men. I did not expect what happened. The leader ended up hiding in his tent crying and unresponsive. I went to his tent and ministered to him, showing him God's love and told him that he needed to lay down his vision into the hands of the Lord so the Lord could raise it up again as He desired. He would not accept what I had to share with him and was unable to lead the rest of the day. The weekend fell apart at that point and I prodded him to get up and lead these men. He got up in the closing morning and closed the weekend. He completely shut down spiritually, and later when I emailed him one of his men answered it because he still was unresponsive. The people were exasperated. Yet there were those that received what was shared with joy. Sadly, what I shared at that meeting was a judgment to this man, and the vision and plans God had given Him ended up coming to nothing.

For the word of God is living, and active, and sharper than any two–edged sword, and piercing even to the dividing of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and quick to discern (JUDGE) the thoughts and intents of the heart.! ~The Writer of Hebrews~

If you have learned to speak by the Spirit of God, you probably recognize that what you release to others can be blessing for some, and like a spiritual roadblock to those who reject your words. The implanted Word (Christ) within you judges (discerns) or clarifies the true condition of the hearts of men. When the Word Himself is speaking through you, your very Words become a sword that divides soul and spirit; clarifying that which is from the soulish realm of man from that which is birthed in the realm of the Spirit. Jesus said, "I do not judge you, the words I speak to you judge, you." Men are judged by their willingness to repent and believe the living Word; which is the voice of God to men through whatever vessel He chooses to speak through. We do NOT make our own judgments. We must discern and come into active agreement with the judgments of God.

For every one instance of rejection and judgment there may be ninety nine instances of blessing and joy from those receiving the Word. 99% of kingdom work is not negative in nature but building up and releasing blessing and life. Paul said it well, "should I use my authority to tear you down or build you up?" There is more tearing down work in the church that must be done in this day then in Paul's day, and there will be times of confrontation. God's purpose in this hour is to redeem mankind in His mercy and love, and we should always have the mind and attitude of Christ to redeem and reach people. Nevertheless, men are judged by their willingness to repent and believe. In this new day we will be speaking Words that will be both blessing and judgment; blessing to those that respond, and judgment to those who reject. The heavens will open for those who receive the Word, and be closed for those who do not. If you are speaking the Word Himself, It is not you they reject, it is the Word of God, Jesus Christ. This is not about cursing anyone. It is the nature of Divine Authority entrusted to men that naturally judges iniquity. It is a work of HIS justice, not ours. It is the Lord's decision to judge people, but it is our responsibility to agree with and carry out His judgments.

I had a similar experience with a friend when God showed up in our home group in the mid nineties. While we ministered to, and shared the Word of the Lord with this man, there came a time when the Lord spoke clearly to me and said "Stop praying for him!" His rejection of the Living Word and His work among us had cut off the flow of blessing that others were receiving from the throne. It may well be that at a later time he will be able to receive, but for the time being He was judged by the Lord as not able to receive His blessing.

In our own spheres of influence or authority, we are to be in agreement with the judgments of God, and at times be the mouth that speaks forth God's judgments, be they for good or for the detriment of the others. Empowered by the Spirit, Peter pronounced judgment on Ananias and Syphyra and they died, Paul pronounced the blindness of Elymus the sorcerer who opposed the Word through Paul, and he was lead away because of his blindness. Paul told him he was "...full of all guile and all mischief, you child of the devil, you enemy of all righteousness, will you not stop perverting the right ways of the Lord?"

Stumbling blocks and those that draw others into error are what gets the swift justice of God when the glory has landed. Even Jesus pronounced woe on the Pharisees who were leading people astray and keeping people from entering the kingdom. God is jealous for His people, and stumbling blocks can die for the sake of offending one of these little ones. And yet, thankfully Father has a long-suffering mercy and desire for all men to repent.

The problem in the church is not judgment; judgment is good, the problem is FALSE judgments made from the SOUL of men. These judgments come from those who are not pure in heart, and their judgments destroy and defile people. People whose hearts have idols bless what should not be blessed, and curse what should not be cursed. What has passed for prophetic judgment today is a pitiful thing formed in the hearts of insecure deceived men and women. Those who have idols, offense, and judgment in their hearts will not be allowed to enter into what God is doing in this day. Many would use the authority of God to destroy anyone who opposes them or their personal agenda. They are not in submission to the will of Father and dead to themselves.

The apostles James and John showed their nationalistic pride and prejudice towards the Samaritans with their desire to call down fire from heaven to destroy them. Their lack of discernment as to the reality of the kingdom and the merciful nature of God shows there is hope for the church that is willing to go through a death and resurrection experience. After the church has laid it's Isaac (destiny, purpose and vision) down on the altar to die, God will raise it up with His greater destiny, purpose and vision, which is the gospel of the kingdom untainted by the soulish imaginations of men.

In His Love
Kriston Couchey