Monday, September 5, 2011





A Right Scepter- by Joe Elligott said...

Since this is what I am rather obsessed with, the status of sons, I will only say a little. This is so good Kristen.

The key I believe is the word incapacitate. It comes from "caput" as the root and is "head." Some quick examples, capture = seize head, capital = the head on a column, capital = head of government etc..

One who is incapacitated has his head diminished. Capacity is having your head. Our capacity of sons is when our head is given back to us.

The caretakers have been those who held headship over us in their "capacity" as our heads. Legal guardians (have we heard of legalism?) are another head ruling over those whose heads are not able to guide them, not knowing where or who they are yet, still stunned from the head trauma and dull of hearing as well. Its is okay to be hurt, but it is correct to recover (your head)

We have been unable to clearly speak and take our place back at the head of our lives, to having done all stand, with Christ as our individual heads, because in the diminished place of being igonrant of who we are, other men have been our heads. And we hold the cliche' error, "I must decrease..."

People who don't know who they are individually and don't have the accompanying redemption of the status of their head have to be institutionalized. Yielded to instituions. Not knowing any better than whatever the instituional power tells them or commands them.

We are not going to leave every relationship when we get our heads back by knowing who we are, claiming the redemption gained by the blood Jesus shed from the crown of thorns. We will correctly hold our individual sovereignty in them. We will keep Jesus as our head and not bow into mens yokes. In other words we will retain our heads and justly live in realtionship to men without making them a liege lord over us and denying Jesus his headship.

Relationships are healthy when all the men hold Jesus as head and justly love one another without controlling men.

We are simply getting our headship restored to us, redeemed. Redemption is like a pawn ticket holder whose property is being held by another. You give them the ticket and they return your property. In this case redeeming our heads from the yokes that sin and the world have placed.

We yield to our espoused, when he corrects our errors or behavior from inside where we are one with him.

However, we will reject other mediators. False heads. If we yield to other heads we will be represented by them not presented by ourselves and father.

A son who is set free indeed needs no man to speak for him, or to spoon feed him or to tell him what to do. His head is whole, no need to be caretaken.

The last thing is very quick, A father does not reveal into the family business a child who is not complete in learning who he is.

Fathers manifest sons who know who they are. If children manifest themselves they are like 8 year old boys driving cars. It is incumbent on us to focus on finding out who we are. Grow in stature, which is growing in our right standing. Every man (gender unspecific) in full upright seats locked position