The goal or vision of God is that HIS kingdom would come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

What is His will? There will be no more sin, no sickness, no death, no grief, but in His eternal kingdom established on earth (which is the will of God), His will is done perfectly, His kingdom is executed perfectly as the heart of all are in complete union and oneness with Christ who is becoming the "All in all" in the endless age of the fullness and increasing reign of His kingdom.

Example: Today we have doctors and physicians which is a good thing and a blessing. I believe doctors are ordained of God to help us in an age where sickness is still reigning in the lives of many. But God's perfect will is DIVINE HEALTH. While many who know and love God are in the health-care field, the health-care field is a temporary aid until the time that Divine health is the norm and sickness and death are fully placed under his feet (we are His body and by extension His feet!)

The goal in this case is that divine health would be that which REMOVES THE NEED for doctors and the whole system upon which the system of health-care is built.

If you are called to health-care system , you MUST be in it for obedience sake, but it is not our destiny, and it is not our hope. It is secondary function that must end in the age of the kingdom being fully established.

Much has to do with our vision. God is bringing us to perfection and complete oneness with Him on the earth. If you don't believe that then you can be happy looking to the security of men's systems, if you do, then your goal is to preach and establish the kingdom which is not dependent upon these ending systems.

This means economic, political, religious systems are ending and we must begin to establish God's kingdom, which is the only system that will remain in this unfolding age. Daniel's dream interpretation saw that ALL the nations of men (and their supporting systems)will be shattered into dust as the rock uncut by human hands crushes it and grows to be the mountain of God, (His kingdom).

Our goal is that Christ be the "all in all" that nullifies the need for systems that have been a temporary aid in times of darkness. BUT, the light is coming and even now dawning!!