The Peace of His Presence

By Kriston Couchey

The defining mark of those who have come to know God as Father is as simple as being filled with, walking in, and releasing to others the peace of God's presence. His abiding presence and life laid down in love for others is a sign that these are possessed by Him. As the days of glory that are unfolding continue, the peace of His presence is growing and deepening among those who have become living sacrifices in which He can fully express His love. As we gather in unity, His peace is removing fear, anger, offense, and the turmoil of an unjust world from our hearts as we have made His presence our home, and He has made His home in us. We in Him and He in us; the unified oneness of love that a bride and groom long for. This is the day of love's consummation.

The peace that signifies His presence abides in and among us as a gentle breeze, and rises to a burning fire of passion like a mighty rushing wind. In all of the ways He expresses Himself among us, the hearts of men are laid bare and men must choose to either embrace reality of His presence, or run to their sin and cry for the mountains to fall on them and hide them from the presence of the king.

 And into whatever house you enter, first say, Peace be to this house. And if the son of peace be there, your peace shall rest on it: if not, it shall turn to you again.~Jesus~ There is now great division come even among those who claim the name of Jesus. We are either sons of peace, or we are sons of strife; rooted in works and wisdom of the flesh that seeks to please and serve self. Fear is gripping the hearts of men as trouble overtakes the nations of the earth. The many systems of men are crumbling and weakening as the king Himself is stepping into history to show Himself strong on behalf of His beloved sons. What was once hidden in a world of men satisfied with success and dependency upon the world's systems is coming to light.

The only place of refuge is found in the Secret Place of His rest; The peace of His presence. It is here we find healing, comfort, strength, and wisdom from above to walk as sons of light in a world of darkness and confusion. We cannot overcome the offense, strife, and injustice of a world gone mad without the indwelling and abiding peace that passes understanding. Only the peace of His presence can guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus as we abide in Him and His ability to love the loveless and face opposition and suffering that MUST come to those who walk in His presence (Acts 9:16). His Spirit's presence is a dividing line showing forth what is born of Him, and is of earthly origin.

The Spirit of God has shown me that there will be entire regions that will embrace and give way to the peace of God's presence. As the kingdom emerges in expression, some regions of the earth will experience the peace and blessing that result from the abiding presence and glory of God. People from other regions will be drawn to the presence of God and even the weather patterns in these places will be blessed by God to prosper His people. Those whose hearts are not willing to walk with Him as king will drift to regions where the lawlessness of men rules. A clear distinction of those blessed by God and those who refuse Him will be seen as there will be regions of unchecked evil and lawlessness, and regions in which the greatest miracles ever will be experienced among those who abide in His presence.

"...being diligent to guard the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace."~Paul~ Father is today bringing about a unifying in His body of those pursuing His abiding presence. This unity is not around a doctrine, a man, a single church movement, but is among those who know Him and love His presence. These are drawn together in the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. The Spirit of God is even now calling and drawing His beloved from across the earth in regions and cities to enter into relationships with brothers and sisters that ignore past boundaries, denominations, titles, authority structures, and systems that man has made. This unity is among those whose hearts are His, and this unity cuts across all barriers of division placed upon His church. Those who are seeking what gratifies themselves will continue to cling to the dead works and wisdom of men and miss God's unifying work. Yet, those hungering for Him and His will find a peace and presence of the King that is beyond understanding in a precious unity with others of like spirit.

In the places where we the children of God will come together and forget the past, Father will manifest His kingdom to us, in us ,and through us. He will establish His peace in our midst that will envelope those who are His, and expose all that is born of men's wisdom and works. He presence will be the dividing line that confronts men with the choice to serve self, or embrace the goodness of God and lay down their lives to come alive in His presence. His overcoming peace will be established in the midst of those who will gather in unity filled with, walking in, and releasing the peace of His Holy presence to others.

 In His Peace.
 Kriston Couchey