2013 Transition

As we leave one season and look forward to the start of another, there is a short time of transition; a bridge if you will, that must be crossed.

There are things from the last season that we should keep and just as many that we should leave behind. Take an inventory. Don't be afraid to leave things behind. You'll be picking up better things, soon.

The assignments of the last season must be forgotten. There are new ones you must learn and be equipped for. Resist the comfortable, familiar flow that would keep you living in the past.

This time can be seen as a bridge.

We are done with the last chapter, but we can't begin the next one. The time has not yet come to enter it. We are now on the bridge between seasons.

The bridge is not really a season itself. It's the time between seasons, when we must move from one, toward another, being 'in' neither of them.

It's a time of having your wounds from the last season healed and a time of preparing for the challenges that lie ahead. The more you allow yourself to be healed from the past, the better you will do in the future.

The challenges and assignments in the next season require you to be re-armed and re-equipped with different weapons, tactics & strategies. What worked in the past will not work in the future. The landscape of the future and and opposition you'll face will be dramatically different. Now is the time to get prepared.

We're on the bridge. Don't set up camp. We're not staying here long. We're just passing through.