Thursday, January 9, 2014


Kriston Couchey

How can mere words describe the glory and transcendence of the Ever Living One? He has no boundaries and there is nothing and no one else that exists apart from Him. He is I AM. There is no space outside of Him, no universe that contains Him. We who are limited by time and space have no words to adequately express the nature and substance of the One that founded creation with its boundaries of time and space within the depths of His own being. For time and space and all that exists are the garden of delights He has made within Himself that He may taste the fruit of communion with the living multitudes that eternally emanate from the birthing chamber of His heart. He is Pure boundless Love, Pure boundless Light.     

To use terms that describe the Ever Living One as being  “Him” and as having a “heart” fall short of the truth; as if one with closed eyes senses that night has turned to day because absolute darkness has been replaced with a dark red glow seen upon the inside of shut eye lids.  So it is with our perceptions of this Ever Living One.

The Ever Living One sees the confines of time and space from beginning to end as if one would gaze upon a painting; viewing one edge of the canvas to the other simultaneously. We could use the term “before creation” to describe His precreation existence, but to speak of “before creation” and even use the term “precreation” implies His existence and activities are subject to creation’s time and space limitations; when in reality He is the creator and master of time and space.  I will use the term “outside of time” as is necessary when referring to the eternal activities of The Ever Living One; and yet this term will also fall short as creation is  “contained ” within the One whose activities appear to take place “outside” of it.

Creation was fully known in the thoughts of the Ever Living One apart from its formation. The equations of His creative thoughts were motivated by the passion of His heart to commune with those of like nature and substance. It was the creative power of His voice that caused the frequencies of matter to be formed in the womb of His eternal existence. The four pillars of creation within His being originate from the passion of His heart, the thoughts of His mind, the resonant power of His voice and the fertile ground of His womb where creation is formed within Him.

As His thoughts surveyed creation He knew that deception would darken His creation and those formed in His image would hide in the shadow of deception that would inhabit time and space. Knowing full well that what was formed of Him in His image could not be unmade, He made provision before or “outside” of the foundation of creation. He would bring light to all the places of darkness shadowing creation; especially the shadow of death.

And so He spoke the first word of creation. And the word proceeded forth from Him and became flesh. And the Word He spoke contained and was the fullness of the Ever Living One with boundless Love and Light. That Love and Light appeared at the junction of two ages in a shadowed world of His creation.  That Word was the Son and the sum of the Ever Living One; and the Son expressed that first word suspended upon a tree between two thieves. As He spoke that word all of creation quaked as the frequencies of the eternal voice declared “IT IS FINISHED!” And so that first word declared to creation that the removal of darkness was complete, accomplished, fulfilled; as the lamb was slain before the foundation of creation.

The light had come into the middle of created time and space and had planted a seed that would grow to envelope all of creation in the fullness of time; yet outside creation all was complete, accomplished, fulfilled, and finished. All was complete “before” creation had even begun.  

Outside of creation darkness was once for all defeated, yet all creation groaned to see the completion of that which was already finished outside of creation. The First Word became the seed whose origin was from outside of creation, in this seed the fullness of the Love and Light of the Ever Living One was complete, accomplished, finished.

Before and outside of creation the thoughts of the Ever Living One turned to another junction of ages. The completion finished from outside creation was now revealed in time and space as many sons containing the boundless Love and Light of the Ever Living One shone Love and Light into the darkness and the shadows of deception. Love and Light completely filled creation and there was nowhere for darkness and shadow to hide. The sons of the Ever Living One brought completion upon the earth as it existed outside of creation. 

And outside of creation the first Word spoke “Let there Be…” And creation began…

In Him

Kriston Couchey