Thursday, May 15, 2014


I have become convinced that even though angelic and spiritual beings stand in the presence of God continually there are aspects of who He is that are only being revealed through Christ upon the earth, and in particular His sons who have become one with the very presence and essence of Christ; manifesting the manifold wisdom and character of God to the universe.

I know from experience that being in His presence and experiencing and moving in His power does not mean that I understand or comprehend the heart of God in the midst of it. Men and women can move in great power and miracles and still have a wrong perception and portray inaccurately the nature and heart of God. We along with all of creation both animal and heavenly beings are in for a display of who God is as He is revealing the nature and character of Father Himself in Christ Jesus through you and I His sons.

My experience with angelic beings is mostly receiving rebuke and correction. One spoke to me in the night with a message from Father saying "stand with and before Me with confidence", while i understood the message was to have me put aside the feeling of guilt and shame, It took me years to understand the heart of God and WHY He said it to me.

It took me time to understand that God was not demanding of me to get rid of my baggage to stand in His presence, He was inviting me to become one with His so that He could remove my baggage. I am convinced there are saints and angels in heaven that are coming to the same understanding of God's tremendous grace as we have revealed to us the true nature of God and come to more fully comprehend things as He does.

I don't believe the angel delivering the message to me fully understood WHY Father wanted me in all of my guilt shame to stand before Him confidently. But i think he does now, because i have had revealed to me the grace of God that is not holding sin against me, nor has He ever. It takes the people of God having the revealing the Love God has in Christ toward us in all of it's height, breath, and depth in order that all of creation in both heaven and earth may comprehend it fully as well.

Not only now has He given me the WHY behind this correction, But He has taken away ALL fear and doubt to stand before him and IN him and Him IN Me. The true revelation is the perfect Love God has for all creation. THAT is what He is revealing to us and through us to the universe and all of it's inhabitants. It is Perfect Love that has cast out all fear to proclaim that I am one Spirit with God, joined to Him, not by my choice, but by His choice. We are called to live fearless and free at ONE with Him; in confidence.

Kriston Couchey