Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Signs of the Times: Who We Are & Hints of the Coming Glory

Very shortly after the March 11 earthquake in Japan and its resulting tsunami I woke in the morning (I believe it was the 13th) with a very clear understanding that an orderly release of pressure was progressing clockwise around the Pacific Rim, that most of it had been relieved, but that there remained a great deal of pressure to be released at the northeastern edge of it, along the northwest coast of the United States.

I woke with the realization the first earthquake of the process had been at Concepcion, Chile in February 2010. That was followed by the Christchurch earthquake in February 2011, and finally the Japanese quake March 11, a few days before I experienced this insight.

I don’t remember dreaming the night before. The conviction that this understanding was true was so strong that I believe that it came from being shown the night before in a dream. I don’t recall the dream, but the conviction that this pressure was built up was so certain, that I believe it was a result of being told to me while I slept. (See Job 33:14-18).

I asked God for understanding concerning these earthquakes, and this is what I learned:

The earthquake at Concepcion speaks of a beginning. Conception is an event that begins a process that results in a birth, and at the moment of conception things are written into the genetic code of the new life formed. Some of what is written is inevitable, but much of it will only manifest in certain conditions.

If one is able to read what is written there, he might find hints of what is to follow. At the time of the Conception earthquake, there was not much damage outside of the region where it occurred. However, the tsunami it generated caused minor damage on the west coast of the U. S. at San Diego, and greater damage in the Tōhoku region of Japan, where damage to the fisheries business was estimated at ¥6.26 billion ($66.7 million).

The next earthquake occurred at midday February 27 2011 at Christchurch, New Zealand. Let any who doubt the prophetic significance of this island nation take note that this country’s anthem cannot be sung without a cry for revival and the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven being heard before the Throne of God.

The earthquake in Christchurch destroyed much of the existing structure in the city. The buildings destroyed must be rebuilt, and when they are will undoubtedly employ much newer earthquake technology, being built in such a way that the structures better serve their intended purpose to provide shelter that does not fall or fail.

I believe this quake is the first hint of birth pangs, not unlike the false labor that often occurs in the period between conception and birth.

I believe that we are in a time when many of the old structures in Christ’s Church are being taken down, much as the earthquake leveled building in Christchurch city, to be rebuilt in new ways that better facilitate the church standing as a place of refuge that does not fall or fail to protect and set free those who are oppressed by the adversary. Many will not put away old ways that are not effective, and if they do not, they will be shaken down. I believe this speaks of tearing down and putting away a paradigm that build churches rather than the Kingdom of God, one which is not adequate to stand when the shaking comes being replaced by a building which is immovable.

March 11, 2011 Tōhoku region of Japan bears the brunt of a 9.0 earthquake and resultant tsunami wreaking havoc along the whole east coast of Japan, and destroys nuclear power plants, moves the island about 10 feet, and causes a 1 meter subduction (drop in elevation) along much of the coast. The planet shifts about 4 degrees on its axis.

There is such a great breaking of waters off of the coast of Japan that a 10 meter wave hits the Japanese coast. The wave that spreads throughout the Pacific basin causes only minor damage elsewhere. The only casualty on the North American continent results from a person not listening to the warnings about staying away from the wave as it approaches, but running to it to take photos.

Birth begins with a breaking of water. The things we have seen are the beginning of birth pangs. Birthing is very messy, it is painful, and accompanied by some loss of blood bit is usually not fatal.

Those that hear and are obedient to the voice of authority (that is, those who hear and obey what God tells them to do) will not come to harm. But those who ignore His voice are subject to harm from the very thing He is warning about. An example of this would be those household of Israel who failed make the Passover sacrifice and mark their doors with its blood, and so perished suffered loss of their firstborn just as the Egyptians did.

There remains a great deal of pressure to be released at the place where the Pacific plate pushes against North America.

Like many, I was at first deeply concerned regarding the earthquake that pressure might potentially cause. Some have allowed healthy concern to be displaced by fear. Our old adversary seized the occasion to try to incite fear by taking advantage of prophetic words by Bob Jones as well a recent one by Randy Demain which mentioned the date 20 April. As I write this on the 19th some of those are still fearful.

I am not.

After learning what these men had prophesied, and after receiving the prophetic insight I’ve shared, I began praying for the safety of the region, my family and my friends in the region. I prayed a gradual release of pressure by many small earthquakes instead of one big one. I prayed for peace to displace fear, and for the body of Christ to wake up and realize who they truly are, and change history.

I continued my praying until I felt the burden lift and was confident that my part in praying for the well being of the west coast, and particularly the Northwest was finished and that there would be no catastrophic earthquake in the next days and weeks. I believe that this is the appropriate response in events like these: Pray, hear God, do as He directs, and when you have, be at peace.

When warnings like this occur, it is our part to go directly to Papa God, and hear for ourselves what we are to do, and then trust Him. It is also our part in prayer to bring our petitions before Him, to stand in defense of our homes and families, and those who do not know how to defend themselves. While God does not change, Scripture has many examples of believers’ prayers changing His course of action from what had He intended to give us confidence that we can change outcomes. The Ninevite response to the prophetic warning by Jonah, and Abraham’s intercession when God was about to judge Sodom and Gommorah are examples of this that have been mentioned in recent online discussions.

An excellent article on what to do in response to disaster prophecies can be found here.

It remains true, however, that these things are the early beginnings of birth pangs. The most glorious time in the history of the Body of Christ to date is just around the corner. It will also be the most terrifying time for those who do not know and trust God. The most important lesson to take away from all of this is that there is no more time to be complacent.

This is a time to exercise one’s faith, and develop its strength. It is a time to learn to trust God, nurture friendship and intimacy with Him, and to learn to quickly and reliably hear Him for oneself. In the parable of the ten virgins, we see a clear illustration of those who learn to access the oil (Holy Spirit) directly versus those who must go to another to hear or interact with Him.

Prophets are not and were never intended to be a replacement for one’s ability to hear God for oneself on one’s own. More and more, those who neglect relationship with Papa God and instead continually go to the prophet asking him to hear God ‘for a word’ will get the same one: “Hear God.”

If we develop our faith, seize opportunities to heal or do attempt other miracles, and learn to hear God the when things are impossible, we will see impossible things happen. The people that know their God are strong and do great exploits!

We are the children of God. Creation is waiting for us to realize it and begin to walk in our heritage. Jesus said we would do greater things than he did, and that the last would be first.

Be encouraged.

You bear a strong family resemblance to your Father!