Thursday, April 7, 2011


What I have to share here may be hard for many to hear. Man's doctrines have defined what a "spiritual father" is to a generation of people that have become spiritually stunted (seeking signs and wonders) and looking to and depending upon men rather then fruitful and mature; able to become as father's to others themselves.  

I had a vivid dream the night after a life changing gathering in Hinesville, GA. In this dream was a baby (representing what Father has birthed in His people)that I had seen in a previous dream, It was sitting in a car seat all by itself in the middle of the room and no one was caring for it. I approached the unattended baby and tried to get it's attention and make eye contact. I realized I was responsible to raise this baby, and it needed my love and care as a father in order to grow up. The dream changed and I received a phone call from a group of young people from a "Methodist" church who were asking for my help to understand what was happening spiritually to them. In the dream I became distracted from the call and was not paying attention to these as I should.

The baby and the young group of believers were one in the same. The Methodist church speaks of those trapped in religion or "methodical systems" of Christianity asking for help. There are many within the system of religion that are beginning to experience a transformation and yet do not understand or know what it is happening to them. Father has birthed a new thing in people and He is seeking for and establishing those who will be TRUE spiritual fathers to care for, train, and love them into maturity. This dream was not just direction and correction for myself; but for those Father has raised up for such a time as this. It is part of the call of restoration of all things that the hearts of the Fathers should be turned to the children. Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD: And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers...

Being a father to others is a spiritual endeavor that is not limited to only men. A spiritual father is one who intimately knows Father God, and plants the seeds of the kingdom in the hearts of others. A spiritual father is one who plants seeds of truth, love, and wisdom within the life of another from the fruit of their own life's victories. A father does not just speak truth, but is a living testimony of the truth to others.

A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children... True spiritual fathers produce blessings both spiritual and natural for those they care for. A father's source is their heavenly Father, and their motivation is blessing their children and guiding them to find their source in heavenly Father as well. While our Father uses others to provide each other's needs, a true father in the kingdom produces for others, and expends himself on behalf of others in both natural and spiritual treasure.

No loving spiritual father consumes the spiritual and natural resources of those they claim to father. You are either a consumer or producer. A self serving person hoards wealth and people to use for their own purposes or ministry. A father produces wealth for others needs and releases people as a blessing. Many have built their ministry, network, or church empires on the backs of those they should be releasing as arrows of fire into the world. No more will the self pleasing flesh of men be allowed to bring division and broken relationships in the family of God. The spirit of incest (fathers pleasing themselves at the expense of the children) shall have no more right to bring offense in the body of believers. Everything that offends is being rooted out from the house of God.

I know a true father that has had an everlasting impact on me. He stands as a clear testimony of one who has expended all of the earthly wealth from his successful business to further the kingdom of God. I cherish the seed of his testimony and know the fruit from it has begun and will continue to bring a harvest. His testimony as a spiritual father has given me clarity as to the nature of the kingdom in many ways. Some I have not even begun to recognize.

This is my testimony to you. I have fallen short in many ways, but I desire to be a father like that man who poured out his life to plant the seeds of the kingdom in others. I desire to plant the seeds of the kingdom in truth, wisdom, and love in the lives of spiritual children needing guidance and the love of the Father.

In His Love
Kriston Couchey