Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kingdom Commando Squad

This is a tactical post: specific tactics for carrying out a larger mission. 

Some of us have occasionally formed teams - temporarily or more long-term - and gone into harm's way. We've taken trips for the purpose of equipping people for war, or we've gone to do battle on behalf of a region or a people. Sometimes that battle has been in the paradigm of intercession; sometimes as evangelism; sometimes as equipping.

One of the dangers of such a team is not understanding how the team works together. Generally, everyone has a different role, and when we don't understand those differences, trouble is a result. One way - and it is only one model; there are others - to understand different members' roles in such a sortie is to consider the metaphor of a military commando squad. In such a unit, we can see how each team member relates to the others. 

Here is an explanation of the commando squad illustration from an apostle who leads these kind of teams regularly in cooperation with a member of a Special Forces squad in the Army. I'd like to suggest that you consider this staffing list next time you're on a ministry team or trip: what role is God assigning you to on this trip? Do others recognize that assignment? What is their assignment for the trip? How can you support others in their roles?

What is a Commando Squad?
A member of a military assault unit or team trained to operate quickly and aggressively in especially urgent, threatening situations, as against terrorists holding hostages.

The commando concept in modern warfare is one of small forces (2 - 12 men), that are highly trained in specialized missions that require them to go into or behind enemy lines. The missions are Search & Rescue, Strategic Recon, Hostage Rescue, Direct Action, and Guerrilla Warfare (organize, train, support and lead the local fighters to fight their own battles).

My team's missions have fit into 4 of these: 

Search & Rescue - These would be trips when we do prophetic prayer with many individuals in a group, we search for their calling and in many cases rescue them from the enemies lies.
Strategic Recon - we call these, "scout out the land" trips.
Direct Action - These are ones where he has given us a specific stronghold to take down
Guerrilla Warfare (organizes, train, support and lead the local fighters to fight their own battles). This has been primarily in training groups to do deliverance ministry, etc.

Secular Special Ops team
Apostolic Special Ops Team
Spiritual Gift
Team Leader
Apostolic leader
Apostle, Wisdom, Leadership

Team XO (2nd in command)
Leader and logistics person
Administration, Leadership, Service

Team Sergeant
The person who is most seasoned in spiritual warfare, specific to each trip

Spiritual warfare
Intelligence specialist
Spiritual mapping and intercession
Discernment of spirits, Word of Knowledge

Medical specialist (1)
Healing - Spiritual (deliverance)  Emotional (Inner Healing)
Gifts of Healing, Faith, Mercy

Medical specialist (2)
Physical healing
Gifts of Healing, Faith

Communications specialist (1)

Prophetic, words of knowledge, direction from home base

Prophecy, Intercession

Communications specialist (2)

Prophetic Intercessor
(ie. call in the air strikes)

Prophecy, Intercession

Combat engineer (1) (demolitions)

Tearing down strongholds
(Spirit Led Worship)

Service (Musician), Miracles

Combat engineer (2) (demolitions)

Tearing down strongholds
(Spirit Led Worship)
Service (Musician), Miracles

Light Weapons – Sniper rifle, knife, Silenced small arms.
Specifically directed Prophetic prayer warfare
Teacher, Evangelism, Exhortation

Heavy Weapons – Bazooka, Mortar, Land to Air missiles
Specifically directed Prophetic prayer warfare
Prophetic Proclamation, Preaching

from Trevor Macpherson's Firefall Zine.