A Victorious Eschatology

For a few generations, the American church has held to a theology that God is challenging today. With all the "End of the world" prophecies and fears circulating the globe today, it's not surprising that God is addressing end times theology.

Hal Linsay's hit The Late Great Planet Earth popularized the belief that the righteous shall be "raptured" and sucked out of their shoes. This idea was unheard of until the early 1800s when a 15-year-old Scottish girl had an unusual vision. It's reported that some men in her day were lacking in their ministry and seized the opportunity to promote a new doctrine of sorts. John Nelson Darby, a British evangelical preacher and founder of the Plymouth Brethren, is often credited as the first to publish it.

If you've read the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, you're familiar with the doctrine in question. There has been a rise in what Businessweek is calling The Rapture Profiteers.

This perspective is losing ground. Believers around the world are questioning this long-unquestioned theology, and discovering that there is very little biblical support for it. One excellent book questioning this theology is The Rapture Exposed, by Barbara Rossing. The one that shook my roots is Raptureless, by Dr. Jonathan Welton.

And the best theological foundation of a more biblical perspective may be apostle Harold Eberle's Victorious Eschatology. In the videos below, Harold explains much of the content of the book.




Blessed Economist said...

You will find a real victorious eschatology in Times and Seasons.